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Specialist Advisory Services

Building on a solid foundation of in-depth regional experience, ACM provides clients with innovative and practical financial advice tailored specifically to their needs.



Distressed Asset Management

ACM professionals have experience in managing distressed assets.  ACM's role is to develop recovery strategies and work with other professionals including accountants and lawyers to achieve value.  As an example of ACM's experience with distressed asset management, ACM assisted the shareholders of a PRC drug manufacturer to sell an investment located in the PRC.  The assets of this company were valued at zero by a professional valuer from Hong Kong, but ACM managed to negotiate a trade sale to an independent third party for RMB 65 million.  ACM also assisted a client that owned an oil and gas operating company that was under performing.  ACM brought  in new management, provided on-going corporate governance during a turn-around period.



Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services


ACM professionals have provided advise to corporate clients and their counsel in respect of ligation strategies and expert witness services in cases involving complex financial issues.  The Asian-Pacific region's growing cross-border investment activity in recent years has led to a rapid increase in disputes that require the ACM Group's level of financial expertise in developing litigation strategies or expert witness analysis and testimony.

Examples of those services provided by ACM includes advising a major US-based insurance company client in respect of litigation brought by a third-party and involving investors from the Asia-Pacific region.  In second case, ACM provided independent expert witness reports in connection with an international arbitration between a Chinese and a U.S. corporation.


Commercial Disputes

With globalisation, companies are now working with a broader range of partners. Disputes are inevitable. Companies often face the difficulty of understanding the options for resolving their disputes or how to achieve a resolution within the Asian context.  ACM can provide clients with their experience in the Asian markets to determine the best approach to resolving their disputes and assisting in implementing the resolution.

As an example of ACM's role in resolving a commercial dispute, we were engaged by the minority shareholders, including a leading financial institution, to achieve an exit from their investment in a BVI investment company with interests in hotels and publishing, in which the minorities were being abused.  After fruitless discussions with the majority shareholder to purchase the minority interest, we recommended an exit strategy by way of a winding up the company on just and equitable grounds. Immediately after commencement of the filing of a winding up petition, the majority shareholder settled the dispute on satisfactory terms for our clients.




  • A company involves in the development, construction, marketing and sale of low-to-medium-cost affordable housing in the Philippines

  • Transaction:

    • Debt restructuring with financial institutions and shareholders​

  • Amount

    • Philippine Pesos 100 million​​

Financial Advisor to ACM Landholdings, Inc.



  • A company that distributes, and retails Western pharmaceutical products in the People's Republic of China and in surrounding areas

  • Transaction:

    • Disposal of PPPIL's pharmaceutical manufacturing​

  • Amount realized:

    • US$6.3 million

Financial Advisor toBoard of PPPIL

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