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Investment Management Services
Private Equity Investments

ACM has made investments in a range of businesses including affordable housing development, natural resources, healthcare services, insurance services, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, office products manufacturing, telecommunications services and consumer product distribution. Most of the investments have been in the Greater China area, particularly the PRC and Hong Kong. We have also invested in Asian companies based outside of Greater China on a select basis.

Examples of our private equity investments include:

Asset Management and Realizations

ACM maintains a close working relationship with management of its portfolio investments. Its policy is to have Board representation on each company as well as frequently serving on board sub-committees. We also provide formal and informal advice to the companies in order to achieve added value for our investments.

Realizing Asian private investments is the most challenging part of managing private equity assets in Asia. ACM focuses on the most appropriate exit strategy for its investments in order to maximize the value of its assets. Examples of successful exits are (1) the trade sale of its interest in a Tianjin based pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company, (2) the sale of a controlling interest in a Hong Kong insurance company to a major international insurance company and (3) the sale of a substantial interest in a major international resort company to a real estate private equity fund.

Investment Focus

The geographic focus of ACM’s private equity investments is Greater China and certain other countries in Southeast Asia. These are the markets where ACM has decades of experience resulting in deep knowledge of the business community, legal and regulatory frameworks, and the capital markets. ACM has experience in investing in a variety of industries. ACM targets investments in companies that range in stages from mezzanine, pre-IPO to small-cap listed companies.

Our investment criteria dictate that private equity investments must be scalable and provide the opportunity for the business to gain sufficient critical mass that will support an exit strategy by way of an IPO or trade sale within two to three years. Our investments take the form of equity or equity-related forms of debt instruments that are structured to minimize risk while still benefiting from the equity ownership.

ACM generates its deal flow through an extensive network of contacts in the region. This network of contacts has been developed by ACM’s partners and management for over thirty years through their active participation in Asian regional businesses at the most senior levels.

Added Value

Our management team has been very successful at adding value to private equity investments through assisting in corporate development, obtaining required management and resources and managing exits. Click here view the examples.

Successful investments in the Asian markets require significant involvement by the investor in closely monitoring each investment in order to manage unforeseen risks when they occur and adding value to its investee companies. ACM does this through our extensive experience and relationships in the region.

ACM Landholdings Inc.

Affordable housing with a focus on sustainable, green development - Philippines

Montrose Food & Wine


Beverage distribution


- Greater China

Mollers' Insurance Group


A financial services group 

- Hong ong

Pacific Primary Healthcare


Primary healthcare services 

- Hong Kong

Private Equity
Small-Cap Listed Company Investments

ACM invests in under-valued, small-cap listed companies based on a strategy to implement steps to unlock the value in these situations through active participation with the target company. ACM has completed such transactions resulting in exceptional returns in relatively short investment periods. The key to this strategy is the plan for unlocking the value at the time the investment is made.

Examples of our activist role in investments are Metals X Limited, Union Resources Limited and Gold Aura Limited, all listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In these examples, ACM was instrumental in changes in the composition of board directors and management, disposal of non-core assets, bringing in new shareholders and raising funds for the companies.

Small-Cap Listed
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